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Elliot Rutherford
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December 6, 1979

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United States Air Force, Stargate Command, Atlantis expedition

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Curtis Caravaggio

Elliot Rutherford was a Major in the United States Air Force and member of the Atlantis expedition arriving on the Daedalus sometime during the second year of operation.


Background informationEdit

Elliot Rutherford was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and was originally a security guard in a casino. After a few years, Rutherford joined the United States Air Force, flying through basic training and being assigned to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida training as a pilot with the 33rd Fighter Wing. Afterwards he went overseas to the Middle East and soon decided to train in black ops, taking the notice of Air Force Chiefs looking to fill Stargate Command positions, who soon asked him to join the SGC. Rutherford joined the SGC without hesitation. A few years later he joined the Atlantis expedition and led his own team. (SGA: "The DVD Collection 85")


After Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex were captured by Keturah's people and Dr. Rodney McKay was injured by an arrow (and subsequently sedated), Major Rutherford tried to gain intel from McKay about the people who captured the rest of his team. As he was leaving on the rescue mission, Sheppard and Teyla returned. He and his team then joined them to rescue Ronon but the Wraith had already captured him and culled the village. (SGA: "Sateda")

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