The Eurondan stasis chamber was a room created by the Eurondan civilization.


The stasis room was a massive chamber deep underground which contained numerous human Eurondans held in stasis to such a state that their heart beats slowed allowing them to remain in hibernation indefinitely. A computer terminal nearby allowed for a user to determine who the occupants of the chambers were with a side control allowing an operator to simply wave across it to move to the next occupant.

There were two such chambers present in the underground bunker on Euronda, each of which contained thousands of individuals in deep stasis.



Computer terminal, waving by the sides moves to the next occupant.

The Eurondans developed the stasis chamber at some unspecified moment in the past and was designed to hold the Eurondan people until after the Breeders were exterminated in the war over Euronda. Even after the discovery of the Stargate and learning that it was capable of transporting them to other worlds, Alar refused to abandon his world due to the occupants in the stasis room.

SG-1 was given a tour of the stasis chamber when they came to the planet as part of the negotiations between the Eurondans and the people of Earth. Later, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c broke into the room in order to examine the occupants in stasis after which O'Neill discovered the true nature of the Eurondans. (SG1: "The Other Side")

Presumably, the chamber was destroyed by the Breeder assault but its possible that some of the occupants survived though this is speculation.

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