Evacuation Ship
Novus spaceship
Production information

People of Novus


People of Novus

Technical specifications
Maximum speed


Hyperdrive system





Several Thousand

Cargo capacity

Unknown, but massive

Other systems

Tenaran archive


Evacuation Ship


People of Novus

Evacuation ship is a spacecraft built by the People of Novus.


The People of Novus had discovered that their home planet was about to be destroyed by a series of natural disasters, caused by a rogue black hole approaching the planet. Knowing this, they began to evacuate the people on the planet to several off-world colonies found earlier. Unfortunately, the planet's Stargate was lost in a lava flow and prevented the evacuation of the remaining people.

As a solution, they built several Evacuation Ships capable of carrying a large amount of passengers and cargo at a time. In addition, these ships have the ability to fly for hundreds of years while sustaining multiple generations of people. The ships set a course to their nearest colony, but the journey there would take at least two hundred years since the ships did not have hyperdrives and were not FTL-capable. (SGU: "Epilogue")

See also Edit

  • Stromos - spaceship with similar specification and purpose, built in Milky Way

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