Evalla was a female human from the planet P3X-289. She was married to Pallan. She was a thoughtful and intuitive person. In 2003, when SG-1 visited P3X-289, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Major Samantha Carter stayed with her and Pallan. She led Daniel to the storage archive in the town where all the ancient texts of her people was held before link. She helped Daniel in exploring the texts. The link led her to leave the city and through the dome, and she died from the poisonous atmosphere when she came out the other side of the dome. The link deleted her from those memories of others so no one remembered her. Her husband wanted Carter to tell him about her. (SG1: "Revisions")

Behind the scenesEdit

Notes Edit

  • The character of Evalla was originally called Evanna but it reminded writer Paul Mullie too much of Ivana Trump.

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