The Exogenesis device was a newly developed piece of technology that was made by the pre-ascended Lanteans during their time in the Pegasus galaxy.


The device worked in conjunction with a computer mechanism along with nanites to quickly transform entire planets into viable ecosystems in a matter of days as opposed to the centuries it would have taken previously. When used on an already developed planet, the terraforming tools would actually destroy such an environment in favour of a new one; along with any organisms that exist on its surface. The technology did not require the use of Zero Point Modules, instead drawing its energy from the terraforming process itself, a new achievement for the Lanteans at the time. (SGA: "Exogenesis")


The Exogenesis device was a device that was constructed by the Ancient known as Atlas who worked with his wife Ea along with Janus to create the next generation of terraforming tools. Unfortunately for them, the Lantean Council banned the use of the technology. Despite this, Atlas and his wife decided to take a transport with their closest colleagues, and their son, in order to test one such device. Sadly, this time was the closing period of the war with the Wraith and Atlas along with his expedition had to abandon it and retreat to Atlantis. A second device was located on Lantea itself which was activated by Ea when the Atlantis expedition awakened her and unwittingly killed her mate. (SGA: "Exogenesis")


The Exogenesis device has many similarities with the Genesis Device from the third Star Trek movie, including it's abbility to destroy all existing life and environment on the planet it is used.

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