Favorite Meal of All Time

Stargate Universe




February 9, 2010

Directed by

Ivon Bartok


David Blue as Eli Wallace (voice)
Jamil Walker Smith as MSgt. Ronald Greer
Peter Kelamis as Dr. Adam Brody
Jennifer Spence as Dr. Lisa Park
Mark Burgess as Jeremy Franklin
Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott

Preceded by

"Disgusting Habit"

Followed by

"Not Being There"

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"Favorite Meal of All Time" is the twenty-ninth in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Eli Wallace asks everyone what their "favorite meal of all time" is.


A Kino arrives into Destiny's mess hall, where many people are eating their rations. Eli Wallace (via voice communication) asks everyone around what their favorite meal of all time is. MSgt. Ronald Greer refuses to answer, while Dr. Lisa Park and Dr. Adam Brody give their answers. The Kino then stops the recording for a while and catches Lt. Vanessa James, Dr. Jeremy Franklin and Lt. Matthew Scott in the corridors, where Eli asks them the same question. Then Kino "flashes" back to mess hall where Greer finally gives his answer: "pancakes your mother made me for breakfast". This makes everyone laugh.

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