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Feet of Clay
Feet of Clay

Stargate Infinity



Original air date

February 24, 2003

Written by

Richard Mueller

Directed by

Will Meugniot

Guest stars

Kim Hawthorne as ?
John Payne as ?
Shirley Millner as ?
Ellen Kennedy as ?
Blu Mankuma as ?
Ron Halder as ?
Michael Benyaer as ?
Samuel Vincent as ?
Gabe Khouth as ?
Richard Newman as ?
Moneca Stori as Kreeda
Nicole Oliver as ?
Alec Willows as ?
Dave Ward as ?
Glenn Gould as ?
Marilyn Lightstone as ?

Preceded by

"The Look"

Followed by

"The Natural"

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Feet of Clay was the twenty second episode of Stargate Infinity

Publishers SummaryEdit

After the team helps the Mardans, an alien civilization, fight an epidemic, the Mardans turn them over to the Tlak'kahn, whom they admire. That is, until the Mardans discover how cruel the Tlak'kahn really are.


The team find themselves on a planet of locals who worship and emulate the Tlak'kahn but are suffering from a plague. Draga cures as many as she can but the leader, Mek'rod, insists they are the Tlak'kahn and follow their ways, but eventually acknowledges the Tlak'kahn merely provide them with help. Ec'co comes up with a cure for the plague while the Mar'dan elders summon Da'kyll and his men who tell the Mar'dan to obey them and lure the team into a trap. The Tlak'kahn abandon the Mar'dan to the plague and Mek'rod turns against them. The team breaks free only to enter a trap, but the Mar'dan turn against the Tlak'kahn and drive them off.


Mardan, Tlak'kahn

Notable QuotesEdit

Harrison: I could eat a horse. Or...some other large beast of burden indigenous to the planet.

Mek'rod: But crushing your enemies is what makes you great.
Gus: Making friends is what makes you happy.

External LinksEdit

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