First Goa'uld Dynasty was a time in Goa'uld history from 22,000 B.C. to 17,400 B.C.


22,000 B.C.Edit

Petty squabbling among the Goa'uld eventually give way to new leadership headed by Apep, physically superior son of Atok, who brutally kills the warlord in public fashion in full view of the other Goa'uld. Instead of claiming the forces of Atok for his own, Apep divides them equally among the strongest and solicits their stewardship. To his underlords, Apep uses them to secure the peace, ensuring that no one among them becomes too powerful.

Apep decrees his Underlords as his brothers and sisters in rulership, although he remains firmly in control. The underlords – Ra, Nut, Thoth and their servants Osiris, Isis, and Bastet – pledge their loyalty and, for a time, a single united leadership rules the Goa'uld. Thus united, the symbiotes sweep through the galaxy like a plague. Their numbers swell and the Unas are nearly wiped out – again too many larval Goa'uld are bred. In addition, the life of the Goa'uld is significantly lengthened, creating even more of a population problem. Apep continues the ancient practice of ritual cannibalism. (SG1: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

17,800 B.C.Edit

Apep begins to falter as leader of the Goa'uld and demonstrates signs of madness. Anubis is found at Apep’s side, becoming the ruler’s most trusted and rewarded adviser. His original sons and daughter, including Ra, looked on as Anubis is favored like no other. (SG1: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

17,500 B.C.Edit

Anubis solicited from Apep the secret location of a great cache of Ancients weapons. Secretly, Anubis learned the location by forcibly exposing Apep to Thoth's Sarcophagus, driving the Goa'uld further from sanity.

Determined to rule the Goa'uld, Anubis made his bid for power, utilizing a super weapon, which harnessed enormous amounts of power. Before the other Goa'uld, he forcibly removed Apep's symbiote and devoured it, declaring himself Emperor. Betrayed, the other Goa'uld banded their forces together to defeat Anubis. The battles raged for a hundred years, entire star systems were destroyed and legions of Unas fell in the crossfire. The Goa'uld themselves were nearly eliminated, but eventually defeated Anubis and destroyed his forces. Captured, the Lord of the Dead was banished by the remaining symbiotes. (SG1: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

17,400 B.C.Edit

Ra instituted himself as ruler of the Goa'uld, again taking on the leadership structure originally formed by Apep. Bastet is rewarded for her help against Anubis. Osiris and Isis joined the ranks of the Goa'uld Underlords as well, and Anubis' super weapon is dismantled. Ra took the six crystals that powered the device and divided them amongst the remaining loyal Goa'uld, knowing that his species’ petty bickering would ensure that the weapon is never used again. This ushered in the Second Goa'uld Dynasty. (SG1: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")