This article is about the title. For the audiobook, see Stargate SG-1: First Prime.

Trelak, the First Prime of Ares with the golden symbol .

First Prime is the title of a Goa'uld's foremost warrior. The amount of power a first prime can have can vary greatly: some First Primes merely act on the orders of their System Lord, whereas some take a much more nuanced and active role in the affairs of their master. This can be highlighted in particular by Teal'c during his time as First Prime of Apophis, and Oshu, the First Prime to Yu, who effectively ran Yu's Dominion once he became incapable of ruling. First Primes are for most of the time Jaffa - though sometimes a human can also ascend to this position - who are in command of their master's army and charged with carrying out their most important tasks. While regular Jaffa usually have a tattoo of their master's symbol in black ink on their forehead, the first primes have wounds cut in lines on this tattoo. Molten gold is then poured into the cuts and this gives the First Primes a golden symbol. The only known exception was Ra's First Prime, who instead had a tattoo of Ra's symbol on his right shoulder.


The final task and mission of a First Prime to their lord and master was avenging their death if they were killed by an enemy. (Stargate: Continuum) This directly contradicts the fact that Jaffa believe their masters are gods and invincible. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1")


Ra's First Prime was a human who wore the head of Anubis. Apophis' First Prime was Teal'c, until he rebelled. Bra'tac has also served as First Prime of Apophis, and of Klorel.

List of former and current First PrimesEdit

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