From Stargate to Atlantis: A Sci-Fi Lowdown
Title screen
Directed by

John Murphy

Produced by

John Murphy


Richard Dean Anderson
Michael Shanks
Amanda Tapping- (narrates the show)
Christopher Judge
Joe Flanigan
Torri Higginson
David Hewlett
Rainbow Sun Francks
Rachel Luttrell

Music by

Trent Stewart
Peter Wong
Warren Woods


Verne Lindquist
Nenad Stevanovic

Editing by

Aaron Campbell

Released date(s)

July 5, 2004

Running time

52 minutes

Followed by

"New Order, Part 1"

From Stargate to Atlantis: A Sci-Fi Lowdown is a special that aired on Syfy before the premier of Stargate: Atlantis, which gave an overview of the show.

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