The Gadmeer device is a device created by the Gadmeer. Its function is unknown.


The device was located aboard the Gadmeer terraformer and was capable of interfacing with an Enkaran to perform an unknown function. When in use, it surrounds the user with some form of energy field.


When Daniel Jackson returned to the Gadmeer terraformer to talk to Lotan, he discovered him interfacing with this device. The field disengaged a few seconds later, though it is unknown if this was triggered by Daniel's entering the room, Lotan, or an automated timer. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")

Possible UsesEdit

It seems as though the device could be a way of healing Lotan after his body has undergone some form of damage, as he was seen using it just before he told Daniel Jackson that he had taken a chance to breath the terraformed air and it was "Not good."

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