Genii soldier 2
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Toran (Genii)

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Harmony (episode).


Richard Stroh

Genii soldier 2 is a soldier who appeared in Harmony (episode).


He was among the Genni Contigent lead by Toran to kill Harmony and possibly Toran's right hand man. While tracking Harmony down, he informed Toran about the status of locating them. Later he accompanied Toran to the ruins of Larris to kill John Sheppard, Mckay, and Harmony, However before they could be captured Toran was killed by Mini-Drones that shepherd activated . This lead to him ordering a retreat and he fled. It is unknown what happened to him after wards but he probably is living ( ''Harmony (episode)")

Behind the scenesEdit

He is the only Genii in the episode to not be wearing Green Clothes

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