"I think it draws power from something in the room itself. That's why I couldn't get it to work back on Earth."
Daniel Jackson[src]

The Goa'uld remote control is a Goa'uld device used to control the Light Matrix Hologram in the Goa'uld Pleasure Palace on P4X-347.


The Goa'uld remote is a palm-sized device which activates and deactivates the hypnotizing light show within the Goa'uld palace on P4X-347. It is powered wirelessly, and only works when in the same room as the hologram device.


Dr. Daniel Jackson uncovered a Goa'uld remote control after the exploration of a Goa'uld palace. At the time, he believed that it was a hand held computer that contained important information about the base. Whilst back at Stargate Command, he began to grow frustrated at being incapable of using the machine which symbolized his slow descent into withdrawal from the addictive effects of the palace.

Once SG-1 took Jackson back to the palace, he asked for Major General George S. Hammond to send the Goa'uld remote through the gate in order to uncover a means of escaping the addictive effects of the palace. When the device was sent to him, he asked Loran for help in deciphering it. It was then he discovered its true function and used it to switch the light room off. (SG1: "The Light")

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