The computer core was a component of Goa'uld technology that was present among their Ha'tak motherships.


These items of Goa'uld design were advanced computers that were located deep inside a mothership where it controlled vital components of the vessel such as the self-destruct and other ship based systems. An operator from the core was capable of running a ship diagnostic in order to determine any faults that were present within the starship.


The core's access panel.

A powerful mind was capable of taking over the computer core and thus the ship it controlled.

The core was typically located in a specific chamber on its own level where it appeared as a room with a panel present where instructions were capable of being inputted into the computer.

Presumably, all Goa'uld vessels shared a similar computer core.



Data crystal being placed into the panel.

When Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard fleet was captured by Anubis, he had an implant placed in his brain that formed a link between his mind and the Ha'tak's ship computer. The information was then downloaded into the memory banks of the ship. (SG1: "Revelations")

However, Thor's mind proved to be quite powerful and took over the vessel's systems forcing Anubis to abandon the ship after setting the self-destruct code. An attempt was made to retake the computer core but this failed and the self-destruct was stalled by Thor as the ship approached Earth.

Once SG-1 boarded the ship, they came to realize that their ally was present in the memory bank which was saved in order for it to be transferred into a new clone body. (SG1: "Descent")

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