"When you tire of this existence, go to the Hall of Mjolnir, and face the Hammer. There is no escape. Only the host can leave this place alive."

Teal'c and Kendra in the Hall of Mjolnir.

Ruax Death

Thor's Hammer in the Hall of Mjolnir kills an Unas.

The Hall of Mjolnir (pronounced me-ol-noor) is a room within the labyrinth on the planet Cimmeria. It is the only known way out of the labyrinth and only beings without symbiotes inside them can leave through the doorway which is protected by an energy shield. This energy shield forces a symbiote to leave the host thereby killing the symbiote. In the first year of Stargate Command's operation, Teal'c and Colonel Jack O'Neill were trapped within the labyrinth and forced to fight against the Goa'ulded Unas Ruax. Dr. Daniel Jackson destroyed the device with Teal'c's Staff weapon and they sealed up the entrance so nothing else could escape. (SG1: "Thor's Hammer")

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