Aschen harvester
Production information


Technical specifications

37 meters[1]


17 meters[1]

Maximum speed

4,900km per hour[1]


Biogenic weapon[2]

Cargo capacity

20 tons[1]

Other systems

Aschen transporter[2]

  • Crop harvesting
  • Terraforming
"It's called a harvester. The Aschen have provided hundreds of them all over the planet. When a field is ready, the machine harvests the crop, and then brings it to the Stargate for transport to the Aschen homeworld."
Samantha Carter[src]

The Aschen Harvester is an automated farming machine that traverses the skies above Aschen farming planets. Relying on anti-gravity technology to float over entire fields, the Harvester is used to collect the crops by some unknown means when the field it is assigned to is at the peak of growth. The collected crops are stored in one of three large compartments on board, eventually being transported through the Stargate to the Aschen homeworld. The Harvester can also transport other objects through the Stargate, including biogenic weapons, making the Harvester much more than just a farming tool.

The inside of the Harvester has at least one room in which occupants can reside, and underneath the ship to one end of the room is an open balcony where occupants can view out. There is also a lavatory on board, and an Aschen transporter. One of these flying machines was encountered on the Volian homeworld. (SG1: "2001")

References and notesEdit

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