This article is about the human. For the Goa'uld System Lord in Stargate SG-1, see Hathor.

Hathor was a godling who belonged to the House of Ra. Many years ago, her life was threatened and so she enclosed herself in a Mastaba at one of her secret outposts located on an unnamed moon in the Kaliam galaxy. She remained hidden from her enemies for many years to come, until one day she was awakened by the loyal member of the House of Ra, Thoth, who told her that Ra had died. Hathor immediately took Ra's place, as she was his wife. (Stargate: Rebellion 1)

She, along with Thoth, arrived at the base on Tuat to take immediate command of Ra's domain of the galaxy, but Khnum was not happy with this and tried to assassinate Hathor. Hathor used the minor godling Hapi as a shield, and then killed Khnum for his actions. (Stargate: Rebellion 2)

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