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Societal information





Ancient Celtic,[1] English[2]


Serrakins (present)

Out of universe information
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The Hebridians, also known as Hebridans or Hebridanians, live on the planet Hebridan with the Serrakin. Hebridians are humans of ancient Earth origin and were long enslaved by the Goa'uld until the Serrakins came to rescue them, they put the goa'uld away (they have technologie rivalising with the goa'uld tech). The serrakin share their technologie with them and, Together they built a magnificient civilisation and lives on armony on the planet hebridan.(SG1: "Forsaken")

They have a high technologicaly evolved civilisation with consommation society, actually directed by tech con group (the major commercial group on the planet).After time the two cultures merged with many Hebridians beginning to marry Serrakins and have children with them.

Hebridian were a space faring civilisation extended on may solar system. The name hebridan does not only designate the inhabitant of the hebridan planet but the other planets of their civilisation including, hebridan, the homeworld of the Serrakin, and several other colonies, mining and penitencials planets and event spaceports and space stations.

In 2006 Hebridians were conquered by the Ori and forced them to worship them as gods. In 2008, they were freed from Ori control after learning that the Ori were not gods. (SG1: "Counterstrike", "The Ark of Truth")

we can suppose that after their release their civilisation took the opportunity of the lack of galactic power to develop themeselve and maybe integrated other worlds and species to their civilisation, bring them technologie (we know that tech con group have an space exploration program).

Known HebridianEdit


The Hebridians were likely descendants of the Humans from Ancient Scotland, as most of the humans in the galaxy were originally from Earth, and Hebridian is also a similar sounded word for the Hebrides, a group of islands off the west coast of Scotland. It is noted that some of the Hebridian letters are similar to Russian letters.

References and notesEdit

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