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Henry Boyd
Henry Boyd
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Kurt Max Runte

"Major Boyd is a capable warrior, O'Neill. You trained him well."

Henry "Hank" Boyd was a Major in the United States Air Force who was appointed as SG-10s team commander at the recommendation of Colonel Jack O'Neill, who he became close friends with over time. On a personal level, Henry has a wife; Heather, and a daughter; Lucy, who he is close to, and is also deeply religious. Henry and his team went to the planet P3W-451 for standard recon, only for it to be caught in the event horizon of a newly formed black hole, resulting in the team being lost. (SG1: "A Matter of Time")

After five years, O'Neill, who was emotionally rocked to the core after seeing Henry's family suffering from his unexplained loss, and the rest of SG-1, violating orders and using an Ancient-based Goa'uld Gravity Shield Generator device, enacted a successful rescue of Henry and two of his squad members before the planet was torn apart, SG-10 later returning the favour by helping rescue O'Neill and Major Carter from the Kinahhi, a new 'ally' of Earth who secretly sought control of the planet. Henry, while devastated at missing five years of Lucy's life (to him and the rest of his team only a few hours had passed), eventually worked up the courage to meet them, and reunited. After spending quality time with his family, Boyd returned to active duty. The rescue of SG-10 is still regarded as one of SG-1's crowning achievements. (SG1: "The Cost of Honor")

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