Hideo Matsuno is a male Hidoman from Hidoma. He sits on top of the feudal government structure in Province controls Matsuno ultimately food production for the civilized part of the Hidoma. He is the fourth in his family line to hold this position and plans for his daughter to succeed him in a decade or so. Matsuno know he wields immense power in his words food for Shimana could be cut off and the city would face starvation within months. He sees himself as a steward but rather than a ruler and wants to avoid conflict with the town and its inhabitants.

He is fond of the machines and gadgets that come from Shimana. If these units improve harvests and his personal standing then so much the better for all concerned. Although a frequent visitor to Shimana know Matsuno his home is Province and is fond of taking long walks or horse rides throughout the area. He visits his subjects on a regular basis and note concerns him. He thinks he is in charge of Hidomas continued survival Tomoko Hirana was.

Matsuno has instilled this belief in their children, grooming them to continue to lead the province. At the age of 41 Matsuno is still very fit and could easily spend a whole day working the fields with their subjects. He is sociable and friendly and an excellent musket shot. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")