The Hidoman are a race of humans from planet Hidoma. The Hidoman's ancestors came from Japan on Earth, and were taken to Hidoma by the Goa'uld Susanowa.


Several thousand Japanese were abducted from their islands by Susanowa, a Goa'uld in service of Raiden. Susanowa secretly encouraged and enabled scientific development among their subjects and also delivered Goa'uld sound technologies for the transplanted people. He planned to use the advances developed by Hidomanerna to overthrow his master and take Raiden's place in the Goa'uld hierarchy. Within half a millennium Hidoma had developed an advanced society with a technology level superior to the early 21st Century Earth. Susanowa prepared to lead Hidomanerna an attack on his master Raiden. But one of his Jaffa reported raid on Susanowas plans Susanowa ordered to destroy the world and culture. Susanowa sent Death Gliders to Hidoma with biological agents that cover the planet with fast-acting microscopic organism developed ironically by Hidomaner scientist killing people. The disease played with Susanowas attack wipe out over 93 percent of the population Hidomas within 12 days. As soon as he confirmed planet decimation Raiden executed him for treason. Gate coordinates to Hidoma disappeared with Susanowa and Raiden saw no need to waste additional resources seize it now effectively a ghost world. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")


Hidomans religion has developed from traditional the early Japanese ancestor worship. The late relatives have a particular ascent of man and granted great respect.


The city is governed by a council of 25 citizens chosen for six years by a series of tests and the positive evaluation of public services. Council selects one of its own as the city's director holding the position until voted by the Council. The current director is Yatuka Ohbuchi who ascended to Shimana Council after two decades working in road maintenance and construction. She has pursued a gradual improvement in the transport network that connects Shimana and Province, hoping to eventually get the two regions together under a single board. Ohbuchi is popular with the city council and residents and spends much of his time to control the city's recovery and construction projects.

In the city children attend school from age six to eighteen, then they take the aptitude test and begin their adult lives. Large families in the province means more workers for farms and other caregivers for their parents in later years. Religion of Hidoma evolved from early traditional Japanese ancestor worship. Deceased relatives especially the direct ascent of man and granted great respect. Susanowa insinuated themselves into the belief structure, when he removed the original Hidomans from Japan to their new world. Hidomans language can be another obstacle has its version of the Japanese had centuries to power from the source. Technical terms, in particular, may require extra effort in translation (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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