Himmelite are a race of human from planet Himmel. Himmelite descended from people taken from ancient Canaan. They were previously used by System Lord Nirrti as a breeding pool for Jaffa candidates. Now with the Germans forced the Nirrti, they function as either tough enemies or source of forced labor.

Himmelite had a plan. In recent years they have purposefully allowed some of their number to be caught and to participate in the workforce. These spies learn as much as they can before trying to flee to his tribe to relate what they have found. Eventually hope to discover some key to defeat his enemies forever. If they ever get any kind of advantage would Himmelite do not hesitate to wipe Nazi s out to a man. Colonist army is well equipped their armor extended with reverse engineered Ma'Tok rod and other technology captured from Goa'uld. They also have a couple of tanks and fighter craft on par with the modern American military and their weapons are superior SGC in many ways.

Although Himmelite number and knowledge of the terrain has proved an apt match for them. And without more resources the colonists have not developed enough weapons to crush his enemies once and for all. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")