"Woo! Nasty planet!"
Ronald Greer[src]

Hoth (named after an ice planet from Star Wars by Eli Wallace) is a planet in an unnamed galaxy which was seeded with a Stargate millions of years ago by an Ancient Seed ship.


Everett Young and Matthew Scott on "Hoth".

In 2009, the planet was visited by the Destiny expedition to harvest ice to replenish their water supply. Hoth's atmosphere and the ice in the area around the Stargate is poisonous. Hoth has a moon. The temperature of Hoth is at -47° Celsius and has an atmosphere composed of .13% molecular oxygen and 95% carbon dioxide with a hint of argon. After the Dust bugs from the desert planet were discovered on board the Destiny, they were lured into a barrel of water and left on Hoth, so that they wouldn't drain the ship's water supplies completely. (SGU: "Water")

A virus harmful to humans was discovered in the water after the Destiny expedition left the planet. (SGU: "Time")


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