Kor Asek, meaning Iron Shirt in English, is the Alpha Male of an Unas tribe on P3X-403 whom Dr. Daniel Jackson and Chaka negotiated with, to allow access to a Naquadah deposit which also happened to be on Unas sacred ground, where the Unas tribe's ancestors were worked to death by the Goa'uld. When Daniel discovered that Kor Asek could rally many other Unas tribes to stop the Tau'ri mining their sacred grounds, he ran to the base camp to tell the teams to stop trying to mine, but by this point the situation was worsened when Lt. Woeste killed an Unas. Kor Asek gathered the other Unas and surrounded the camp; however, he came down to the camp and, eventually. managed to negotiate with Daniel such that the Unas would mine the naquadah for the Tau'ri. (SG1: "Enemy Mine")

Behind the scenesEdit

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