Janene Carleton
Biographical information
  • Janene Rose Fatima Carleton
  • Janene Rose Carleton
  • Janene R. Carleton
  • Janine Carleton
  • Janene Carlton
Place of birth

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Date of death

April 14, 1978




5' 7" (1,7 m)

Marital status

Was married to Clint Carleton (divorced)

Other information
Stargate universe information

Janene Carleton is an Award-winning Canadian stuntwoman. She was stunt double for Claudia Black on Stargate SG-1 & stunt performer for Stargate: Universe. She won 2011 World Taurus Stunt Award. Janene is ex-wife of Clint Carleton.

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