Jason is a male human who is a descendant of the Destiny expedition who was born on a colony of Novus.


Background informationEdit

Born on the Novus colony after the Stargate on Novus stopped working, Jason grew up learning of the "ancestors", being able to recognize Lt. Matthew Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer from the Kino footage. Jason also came to believe that Dr. Nicholas Rush was a type of demon; someone that ripped the souls out of humans. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")


Along with Ellie, Jason was one of the first descendants to encounter Lt. Matthew Scott's away team on the Novus colony, recognizing them as such. Jason then lead the group to a settlement on the planet, explaining that he was born after an expedition from Novus was stranded after it's Stargate stopped responding thirty years prior. Jason was also one of the people given a tour of Destiny and thanked Camile Wray for the tour and answering questions. (SGU: "Common Descent")

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