Jessica McLeod is a female Tau'ri. She is a member of the SG-10, and served as the team's science expert. On a reconnaissance mission to P3W-451 to find out why the planet's native life became extinct, her team was caught at the horizon of a newly formed black hole, resulting in the team being lost. (SG1: "A Matter of Time") From the perspective of SG-10, they spent a few hours attempting to dial other planets, until McLeod realised that the time dilation caused by the wormhole meant that, while the wormholes engaged, from SG-10's perspective the connection didn't last long enough for them to use the wormhole. A number of years later, SG-1 managed to save her and two of her teammates from the planet. (SG1: "A Matter of Honor", "The Cost of Honor")

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