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John G. Lenic
Biographical information
  • John Lenic
  • J. G. Lenic
  • JG Lenic
Date of birth

October 11, 1974

Place of birth

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada



Other information
Notable credit(s)

Producer, A Dog's Breakfast

Stargate universe information
  • Producer
  • Production Manager

John G. Lenic has held multiple roles as a crew member of Stargate SG-1: producer, production manager, assistant to co-executive producer, unit production manager and unit manager. He joined SG-1 in its first season as Director of Development for Gekko Film Corp, Michael Greenburg and Richard Dean Anderson's company. He has been a producer and production manager for SG-1 since its eighth season and Stargate: Atlantis since the fourth season. He is also a producer for the first season of Stargate Universe and was producer for both Stargate: Ark of Truth' and Stargate: Continuum.

He also served as a producer on the movie, "A Dog's Breakfast" which was also the directional-debut of British-born Canadian actor David Hewlett who plays Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay.

He won Leo Award for Stargate Universe (2010). John is older brother of Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Universe actor Michael Lenic.

John had appeared as a Wedding Guest in Stargate SG-1 episode "200".



Assistant to Co-Executive ProducersEdit

Assistant to ProducerEdit

Unit ManagerEdit

Production ManagerEdit


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