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Joseph Mallozzi
Biographical information
  • Joe Mallozzi
  • Joseph Mallozi
  • Joe
  • Baron Destructo
Date of birth

October 16, 1965 (age: 50)

Place of birth

Montreal, Canada





Marital status


Other information
Official site

Notable credit(s)

Writer, "Window of Opportunity"

Stargate universe information
  • Writer
  • Executive Producer
Joe Puddle

Joe standing in front of a "Practical Puddle" on the set of SGU.

Joseph "Joe" Mallozzi is an executive producer and writer for Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate Universe, and the indefinitely shelved movie Stargate: Extinction. He co-writes all his Stargate related projects with Paul Mullie.

Joe and Paul joined the Stargate SG-1 crew as writers and producers at the beginning of Season 4. The first episode written by them, "Window of Opportunity", is a well known fan favourite for the entire series. The two joined Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright as executive producers at the beginning of SG-1 Season 7 and their roles continued through the production of Stargate: Atlantis.

Joe has also been writing a daily wordpress blog since November of 2006. In it he discusses fine cuisine, his dogs, writing and various behind-the-scenes aspects of the Stargate shows. He often answers reader questions and hosts a book of the month club, usually in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. Occasionally, a guest blogger will answer questions that are submitted by readers. Previous guest bloggers include: Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors, actress Amanda Tapping, executive producers Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright, writer/director Peter DeLuise and many others.

Joe also won, in 2010 the Stargate Ice Cream Throwdown, competing against Rob. Joe won with the stats 2-1-1 (Two wins, one loss and one tie).





Supervising ProducerEdit

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