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"Way to go Junior!"
―Jack O'Neill

Bra'tac holding Junior

Junior was the nickname members of Stargate Command gave to both of Teal'c's Goa'uld symbiotes.

The first symbiote which Teal'c received as a child was later given to his young son Rya'c, in order to save his son's life when he entered puberty, thus requiring the implantation in Teal'c himself of another symbiote for his own survival. SG-1 was able to acquire a second, much younger symbiote on the same mission, thus saving Teal'c's life as well despite Bra'tac's initial concern that the symbiote was too young for implantation. As Teal'c discovered when he attempted meditation with Shau'nac to communicate with his symbiote, Junior's hatred for Teal'c was very great.

At one point, Bra'tac removed Junior to cause the Rite of M'al Sharran. Junior was killed in February 2003 when Teal'c was forced to share him with Bra'tac following an ambush that killed Bra'tac's symbiote and left both men seriously injured. Overtaxed and unable to cope with healing two Jaffa, Junior eventually died, forcing Teal'c and Bra'tac to go on Tretonin. (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Bloodlines", "Crossroads", "Threshold", "The Changeling")

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