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Katherine Lawrence
Biographical information
Birth name

Kathy Selbert


Kathy Selbert


Lady Kath

Date of birth

December 11, 1954

Place of birth

San Bernardino, California, USA

Date of death

March 25, 2004

Place of death

Arizona, USA





Other information
Official site

Stargate universe information


Katherine Lawrence was a writer for Stargate Infinity. Lawrence chose her writing name because of her love for T.E. Lawrence and Jerome Lawrence. In addition to writing for television and films, she was a science fiction writer.

Katherine suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome.

On March 27, a group of hikers found her body along the San Pedro River in Arizona. She had been missing since March 24 and police estimated she died around sunset on March 25. A suicide note was found.

She was survived by her parents, her twin sister, Caryn Cameron, and her brother, Kurt Selbert with her ashes later being scattered over Mt. Lemmon, which was a favorite area of hers.

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