Keenin is a young boy from Talthus and the youngest son of Pharrin. He was forced to leave his mother and family behind on Talthus. Pharrin first wanted to take his wife with him on board the Stromos but she refused. And so Keenin could come with his father because he was an officer on board his ship. He was one of the 1,000 people that stepped upon the Stromos to reach Ardena. When the ship was in space he stepped inside a stasis pod saying goodbye to his father. When the ship's systems began to fail after a forced crash-landing, he was one of the twelve minds that were transferred into the body of Dr. Daniel Jackson in an attempt to preserve the minds of the Talthuns whose bodies had died, but the transfer process was unstable, causing the various personalities in Daniel to randomly shift control. While trying to determine what had happened to Daniel, Keenin was one of the personalities that Dr. Janet Fraiser was able to talk with. He told her the last moments he was with his father. When Pharrin came to remove the minds from Daniel Keenin said he would sacrifice himself for his people. He was transferred together with Tryan into Pharrin's body. (SG1: "Lifeboat")