Kegan was a member of the suppressed working class on P3R-118. She was friends with Karlan (Daniel Jackson) but she greatly disliked Jona (Jack O'Neill) and Therra (Samantha Carter) who she believed were sucking up to Brenna in the hope of getting special treatment.

Kegan encouraged "Karlan" to stay away from "Jona" and "Therra," even threatening to end their friendship. She also flatly rejected the idea that all might not be as it appeared. "Karlan" eventually abandoned her in order to pursue his convictions that he, "Jona," "Therra," and "Tor" (Teal'c) were once friends.

When Jack O'Neill shot a skylight to prove that a city existed above the surface, Kegan realized she and the others had been lied to all their lives. She was taken to another world by SG-1. (SG1: "Beneath the Surface")

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