Kerry Johnson is a member of the CIA, the largest intelligence agency of the United States government. She was temporarily assigned as liaison with Stargate Command in early 2005; her duty was to help track down the remaining elements of The Trust after their takeover by the Goa'uld. Johnson had a brief romantic relationship with Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, which they both kept hidden from other members of the SGC. Though she liked Jack and thought they were "good together," Kerry eventually broke up with him when she sensed the feelings he still had for Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter. They parted on good terms; before leaving, she advised Jack that he was making a mistake by letting Air Force regulations prevent them from being happy together, advising him to retire, and implying that even as a civilian he could still run the SGC, as a civilian (Dr. Elizabeth Weir) had been appointed to run the SGC before. (SG1: "Threads")

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