The Temple of Kheb
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Milky Way

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Oma Desala's retreat

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None (present), Oma Desala (past)

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"Maternal Instinct"

"Kheb is an untouched wilderness with great mountains and a single temple in a valley distant from the Stargate."

Kheb, also known as P9Q-292 is one of the many planets in the Milky Way to hold a Stargate, and was where Oma Desala had established a retreat to teach others the ways of ascension. Long ago, Jaffa who could no longer take a prim'ta discovered Kheb. Believing that it held instructions on how to enter the afterlife, they informed a limited number of their elders. Unfortunately, the Goa'uld learned of the planet and sent a team there to investigate, which was subsequently destroyed.

It was also rumored that the Goa'uld Isis and Osiris took refuge on this world after being betrayed by their brother Setesh. Kheb was declared off limits and its Stargate address taken off official lists; however, it was still on the Ancient map of Stargates and in Jaffa legend the fact that Osiris hid on one of the planets of the Locnakoh system where Kheb was located was known though the legend did not state that it was Kheb nor did it give the address. The Goa'uld also apparently still knew the location as both Amaunet and Apophis were able to send Jaffa loyal to them there. Amaunet later took Shifu to Kheb to hide him from the System Lords. While searching for him SG-1 learned of the planet's location with help from Bra'tac and the Ancient map of Stargates downloaded by Colonel Jack O'Neill. While exploring Kheb, Dr. Daniel Jackson made contact with the Ancient Oma Desala, thus becoming known to the Ancient. It was Oma Desala who set Daniel Jackson on the road to ascension. Around 2,000 Jaffa and a Ha'tak came to this planet looking for Shifu during that time. Oma killed the Jaffa though its unclear what happened to the Ha'tak and left the planet with the child to protect him as she knew the Goa'uld would keep coming as long as he was there. (SG1: "Maternal Instinct")

The Rebel Jaffa believed their souls would find their way to Kheb upon their death. It was the beginning of a belief system that replaced the Goa'uld as Gods for the Jaffa. (SG1: "The Warrior")


  • It was at Kheb where Anubis ascended after tricking Oma Desala to help him. After the Others discovered this, they sent Anubis back to the mortal plane of existence, thus making him half-ascended. (SG1: "Threads")

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