During their time on the Destiny's, the Destiny expedition crew made several Kino diary recordings.

Kino diary recordingsEdit

MSgt. Ronald GreerEdit

Ronald Greer. I can't think of a better way to move on from... from this world into the next or... whatever comes... then to fly into the most powerful thing in all creation... a star. Out in a blaze of glory. I like that. That's beautiful. (SGU: "Light").

Chloe ArmstrongEdit

So I...Okay. I'm Chloe Armstrong. I'm 23 and, uh... I just wanna say that my father gave his life so all of us can survive another day. And we did. Another day. (SGU: "Light").

Camille WrayEdit

My name is Camille Wray. My age is... none of your business, Eli. If, um... if anyone finds this with in the next...I don't know. 40 years. Tell Sharon last thoughts were of her. (SGU: "Light").

Colonel Everett YoungEdit

My... hi, I just, uh... I just wanted to say...we... you know... (SGU: "Light").

Eli WallaceEdit

My head is pounding, heart beat is accelerating, it's getting harder and harder to breath. As our very lives are being vented out onto space. It needs to be documented! How do you know? We made it here. Someone else could too. If we die, maybe this will can help them find out what happened to us. Sorry, slightly... WHAT?!(SGU: "Air, Part 3").

Come on, it doesn't have to be perfound, just who you are and... and something you wanna say like, uh... Hi, I'm Eli Wallace, I'm 25 years old... currently unemployed and I just for posterity's sake, I'd like to say TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF ME YOU DAMN DIRTY APE!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm not feeling anything... say that. Just... try! Say something! (SGU: "Darkness").

Chloe is dead. James, Spencer, Brody, Marsden, all dead. The creatures seem to be nocturnal. They stopped coming once the sun came up. Hopefully the gate starts working before it gets dark again.

Lt. Vanessa JamesEdit

Second Lieutenant Vanessa James. 26. Air Force Special Forces. All I have to say is... I don't wanna die out here. (SGU: "Darkness").

Sgt. SpencerEdit

Spencer. Sergeant. I'm 31. All I wanna say is... I never asked for this. All I want is... to get off this ship. (SGU: "Darkness").

Dr. Dale VolkerEdit

Uh... Doctor Dale Volker. I'm 34 years old. And...uh, despite what you may or you may not have heard from a certain Scottish person. I like to think that I'm pretty fine astrophyicisist. I mean they don't send you work on solving mysteries of the universe not the planets if you're whacked, right? So...That's all I have to say... Well, we can't all be Mozarts, right? It's some of us are Salieris. And there's anything wrong with that, either. I like Salieri. I find his music... uh... It's a... It's soothing. I'm not suggesting that he's a Mozart, either. Although Mozart did go a little nuts, didn't he? All right, I'm done. He's maybe a Schubert? At best. Or an Elgar. I'm done, Eli. (SGU: "Darkness").

Sgt. Hunter RileyEdit

Okay, uh... I'm, uh... I'm Sergeant Hunter Riley. I'm, uh one day short of my 30th birthday. Um...I grew up on a farm. I, uh... I have relatives in... I never even left the state and here I'm halfway across the universe. No regrets. (SGU: "Darkness").

Lt. Matthew ScottEdit

It's good. Lieutenant Matthew Scott. 26 years old. And... I'd like to say a prayer for all of us... okay? The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not mourn. He make me to look down at the green passways. He leaded me to still waters... (SGU: "Darkness")

If you found this, then because of the solar flare interferes with gate travel and I managed to send this Kino back in time! Now listen very carefully. There is a disease from the water we brought back from the Ice planet, it is fatal and we've all been drinking it, but there is hope. There's a creature that lives on this planet, lots of them actually, that could hold the key to saving you. In small doses, their venom actually cures the disease, but be careful, they're deadly, but they only come out at night. Please listen to me, you don't have much time. Act now, or you are all going to die. (SGU: "Time")

Dr. Lisa ParkEdit

The odds of coming out of FTL on the outer edge of a star system are astronomical. Throwing the fact that there are 3 potentially habitable planets plus a gas giant to act as common natural out side of the system. We're talking about racoulus. So...there's a chance now... that we're gonna live. Though, our definition of habitable just means the surface temperature allows for the presence of liquid water and since the project of red dwarf, the planets must have a relatively short orbit or radius just to fall into that range which means there's a likely use 1 or 2 of them will be tied lock meaning one side will always be facing the star which increases the prospect of geological instability to tidle stresses. And I can't stand earthquakes. I was in one when I was 13. And I cut both of my feet on broken glass. But it... it might be nice! (SGU: "Darkness").

Dr. Nicholas RushEdit

Eli, I have nothing to say. (SGU: "Darkness").

Dr. Adam BrodyEdit

Hello there. Adam Brody is my name. Okay, start again. My name is Adam Brody as I said... earlier. Hello... Adam Brody. Engineer. I like football... and, ah... What? Yeah, I just don't know why I can't... I don't know why I'm so nervous. 36. I always knew I was gonna die in space. Known for my whole life. I mean I didn't expect this, but I knew something... awful was gonna happen. I just knew it. (SGU: "Darkness").

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