A vial of liquid Naquadah taken from a Staff weapon.

"I need this."
Jack O'Neill[src]

Liquid Naquadah is a liquified form of the mineral Naquadah. A green-yellow colored fluid contained in small, single vials serve as the power source for Goa'uld Staff weapons. Liquid Naquadah could also power an AG-3 satellite, as well as Naquadah generators. The Ancients used Liquid Naquadah to some extent in their technology, such as the power booster device developed by Colonel Jack O'Neill while having the sum total of Ancient knowledge. A single vial taken from a staff weapon had enough energy to allow a Stargate to dial an eight-chevron intergalactic address from Earth. (SG1: "The Fifth Race")

There is also a known variant of this substance known as Heavy Liquid Naquadah, Major Samantha Carter was unfamiliar with this variant of Naquadah suggesting that it was rare in application. (SG1: "Absolute Power")

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