Unconfirmed Canon

Little Caesar

"Little Caesar" punching Teal'c.

"Little Caesar" was the nickname given to one of Mars' cyborg Jaffa by Jack O'Neill. He was part of the group who were sent to secure the chaapa'ai after it was discovered by the group chasing Etahy and his Volca family, but instead discovered SG-1 who had just came to the planet. As SG-1 did not immediately surrender, the group were forced to attack them. "Little Caesar" took on Teal'c, managing to punch him to the ground before O'Neill called a ceasefire.

Little Caesar was later part of the group present when Mars was going to take O'Neill as his new host, and was dragged into the wall by Daniel where he met his death. The only part of his body to remain outside of the wall were his legs. (SG1: "Fall of Rome 1")

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