Long-Distance "Heat" Implementation Device is a unit of Gallicia . And like the weather-changing device a world that seems like a spinning polished chrome 0.75m width pyramid suspended in a magnetic field is held in an inverted pyramid base, hidden in the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Heat. Like its counterpart in the temple Storms, this device prayer inscriptions, finger - keys and sapphire gems in the outer podium. Unlike the other device, but it is hollow and will cease its rotation when brought to a halt by the priests of Juhsuld. The web was in the roof is also subtly different focus on the spiral tower rises above the temple in a broadcast antenna on the roof.

When a petitioner approaching the priests for "justice" they have to take a hair, skin or blood of the person they want to be punished by God. Implementation Unit dissect the sample DNA and records unique designs targeted individual. The priests than manipulate the controls for either "pain", "fever" or "dead" and send specifications to the geostationary satellite in orbit around the planet. "Fever" produces a heat - based effect on the target is identical to yellow fever, but it is non-infectious. "Death " immediately reduces the target to wound points. In all cases, the target can resist the effects of the device.

"Attack" has no effect, and the priest must take another to home in on the target again. Only native Gallicians can use the device as clues into the unique features of their DNA. The unit will not work outside the plane or target someone not on Gallicia . Gallicians possessed by a symbiote can not use the device. It was probably originally intended as a method of healing that heat waves it generated was much less intense, for the sterilization of the disease is not execution of human beings. But the priests have modify the device from the intended use and now use it to kill over large distances. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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