Louis Ferreira
Justin Louis
Biographical information
Birth name

Luís Ferreira

  • Justin Louis
  • Louis Ferriera
  • Justin Lewis
  • Luigi
  • da Luigi
Date of birth

February 20, 1966

Place of birth

Terceira, Açores, Portugal




5' 8" (1,73 m)

Other information
Official site

Notable role(s)

Metro Detective Nick Burris in "NCIS".

Stargate universe information

Everett Young

Louis Ferreira (aka Justin Louis), born Luís Ferreira, is a Portuguese-born Canadian actor best known to television viewers as Ray Prager on the Canadian show, Durham County.

Louis grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but spent a year living in Los Angeles, U.S. He moved to Vancouver to take on the role of Everett Young on Stargate Universe, enrolling his 16-year-old son in a Vancouver school.

Ferreira went by the stage name "Justin Louis" until his Portuguese-born mother passed away recently, when he went back to his birth name.



  • In real life, Ferreira is good friends with British-born Canadian actor David Hewlett.
  • Guest-starred alongside fellow Stargate actor, Michael Beach in the NCIS Season 9 episode, "A Desperate Man".

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