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The Military ranks used in Stargate are primarily from the United States Air Force, the United States Marine Corps, and the Russian Air Force. The ranks proceed as follows from highest to lowest.

United States Air ForceEdit


Rank Pay Grade Insignia
General of the Air Force (GOAF) O-11
General (Gen) O-10
Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) O-9
Major General (Maj Gen) O-8
Brigadier General (Brig Gen) O-7
Colonel (Col) O-6
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) O-5
Major (Maj) O-4
Captain (Capt) O-3
First Lieutenant (1st Lt) O-2
Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) O-1


Rank Pay Grade Insignia
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF) E-9
Command Chief Master Sergeant (CCM) E-9
Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) E-9
Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) E-8
Master Sergeant (MSgt) E-7
Technical Sergeant (TSgt) E-6
Staff Sergeant (SSgt) E-5
Senior Airman (SrA) E-4
Airman First Class (A1C) E-3
Airman (Amn) E-2
Airman Basic (AB) E-1 None


  • The United States Air Force does not have a First Sergeant rank. It is instead a duty denoted by a diamond within the upper field. They usually act in the capacity of a Senior Enilsted Advisor to a Squadron Commander.
  • Only one individual was awarded the rank of General of the Air Force, semi-retroactively. General of the Army "Hap" Arnold was awarded the rank in 1949, two years after the establishment of the United States Air Force as a separate body from the United States Army. General Arnold was considered inactive at this time [although not retired, as five-star generals do not officially retire from service], so this rank has never been awarded to an officer of the modern USAF while on active duty.

United States Marine CorpsEdit


Rank Pay Grade Insignia
General (Gen) O-10
Lieutenant General (LtGen) O-9
Major General (MajGen) O-8
Brigadier General (BGen) O-7
Colonel (Col) O-6
Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol) O-5
Major (Maj) O-4
Captain (Capt) O-3
First Lieutenant (1stLt) O-2
Second Lieutenant (2ndLt) O-1

Warrant OfficerEdit

Rank Pay Grade Insignia
Chief Warrant Officer-5 (CWO5) W5
Chief Warrant Officer-4 (CWO4) W4
Chief Warrant Officer-3 (CWO3) W3
Chief Warrant Officer-2 (CWO2) W2
Warrant Officer (WO) W1
Infantry Weapons Officer Varies


Rank Pay Grade Insignia
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SgtMajMarCor) E-9
Sergeant Major (SgtMaj) E-9
Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt) E-9
First Sergeant (1stSgt) E-8
Master Sergeant (MSgt) E-8
Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) E-7
Staff Sergeant (SSgt) E-6
Sergeant (Sgt) E-5
Corporal (Cpl) E-4
Lance Corporal (LCpl) E-3
Private First Class (PFC) E-2
Private (Pvt) E-1 None

Russian Armed ForcesEdit


Marshal / Маршал Российской Федерации 
Army General / Генерал армии 
Colonel General / Генерал-полковник 
Lieutenant General / Генерал-лейтенант 
Major General / Генерал-майор 
Colonel / Полковник 
Lieutenant Colonel / Подполковник 
Major / Майор 
Captain / Капитан 
Senior Lieutenant/Старший лейтенант
Lieutenant / Лейтенант 
Junior Lieutenant / Младший лейтенант 

Warrant OfficerEdit

Senior Warrant Officer/Старший прапорщик
Warrant Officer/Прапорщик


Sergeant Major / Старшина
Senior Sergeant / Старший сержант
Sergeant / Сержант
Junior Sergeant / Младший сержант
Lance Private / Ефрейтор 
Private / Рядовой 

New MindEdit

  • Cha’tii
  • Ha’Bashaak
  • Ha’Ke’l
  • Lokma
  • Secu
  • Dis’Secu
  • Tec’Secu
  • Renek
  • Dis’Renek
  • Tec’Renek
  • Dis’tra
  • Tec’tra
  • Ma-te
  • Dis’Ma-te
  • Tec’ma-te

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