Lucia Tarthus was the ambassador of the Andari Federation on the Langaran Joint Ruling Council. When Langara became threatened by a volatile vein of Naquadria building up under Kelowna's surface in 2004, Tarthus came to Earth to begin negotiations for the resettlement of her people. She was difficult to deal with, and found it impossible to negotiate with the representatives of the other nations of her world. Her resentment toward the Kelownans only increased when it was discovered that the Kelownan's use of a Naquadria bomb initiated the process that could destroy their planet.

However, when Colonel Jack O'Neill informed the representatives that their unwillingness to compromise had resulted in the resettlement negotiations being called off, Tarthus and the other Langaran delegates began to reassess their positions.

After the delegates learned that the excavation into Langara's crust had been successful in averting the disaster, Tarthus returned to her world, somewhat changed by her recent experiences. (SG1: "Fallout")

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