Luka Biass is a male human from Lamora, and he is the Captain of the ship of Savarna. He was married to Savarna Batari and is the father of Marko Batari. He was married to Savarna for six years only until she became severe ill so he took her to Lamora so she could receive treatment but she died before he arrived. He named his ship after his wife. He left his son with his wife's parents so they could raise him.

In 2003 so he returned to Lamora to pick up his son again and he managed to get him but he was wounded in the attempt. He found Prometheus and boarded the ship and kidnapped Janet Fraiser so she could help his son. Later, he was arrested by Prometheus crew but was released by Fraiser and he fled away with the ship along with his son. (SG1: "Savarna")