M3Y-465 was a snow-covered planet in the Pegasus galaxy which held a Stargate. Before meeting with the Tau'ri, some of the Athosians visited the planet to trade furs and cured meats which were harvested from the local wildlife. The First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team visited this planet on the same day that Captain Paterson's team visited M3Y-565 which led to some confusion with Dr. Rodney McKay, who dressed for a temperate planet. As soon as the tean stepped through the Stargate, they were spotted by Halcyonites led by Lady Erony. Shortly after this, while they were exploring a nearby village, the tean was attacked by the Wraith. It was only thanks to the intervention of the Halcyons that they managed to survive the attack and so, after the Wraith were either killed or captured by the Halcyons, the tean met with them to see if the two groups could work together. Lady Erony agreed to this, and allowed the team to contact their superiors before taking them through the Stargate to Halcyon. (SGA: "Halcyon")

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