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Agender (male personality)

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Tok'ra High Council

Mapep was an asexual Tok'ra who had a male personality who, at some point in time, took Lance Corporal Benjamin J. Reilly as his host. When Doctor Samantha Carter was compiling a paper called Wormhole Physics 101, she consulted Mapep so that she could have his opinion on the black hole incident of P3W-451. While she believed that the Stargate was drawing power from the black hole itself, which enabled the wormhole to stay active past its thiry-eight minute limit, Mapep informed her that it was impossible for a Stargate to draw power directly from the environment in his opinion. Instead, he believed that the only reason the wormhole had not disengaged was because time on P3W-451 was passing slower due to time dilation and so the wormhole at that end had not passed thirtysix minutes. (RPG: "Wormhole Physics 101")

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