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Marie is a female Tau'ri and Atlantis expedition member.



After Teyla Emmagan is seriously injured in an explosion, Marie aids Doctor Carson Beckett in the surgery and expresses surprise at Beckett being able to stop a major bleeding. After Beckett is warned that Doctor James Watson is infected with an explosive tumor, he orders his medical staff out while he closes down the OR level. However, Marie refuses to go, telling Beckett he can't do it by himself. While Beckett is initially frustrated by this, he thanks Marie for staying. Together, the two remove the tumor from Watson, saving his life. Beckett then leaves Marie to close Watson up while he takes the tumor to an ordinance disposal technician. However, moments later, the tumor explodes, killing Beckett and the tech. (SGA: "Sunday")

After Atlantis was lost in space, she helped Dr. Jennifer Keller operate on Dr. Elizabeth Weir, who had suffered grave injuries after the brush with the beam from the Asuran Stargate satellite. After Weir's Nanites were reactivated, Marie looked through her progress, and was stunned when Weir unpredictably awoke from her coma. (SGA: "Adrift")

She was later infected with the Kirsan fever, but was cured from it, after McKay aerosilized the Enchuri plant throughout the city. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")


She helped Dr. Jennifer Keller and Beckett's clone save Nabel Golan, a known mercenary for Michael Kenmore, so that he could give the expedition information regarding Teyla Emmagan, who was captured by him. She also witnessed Beckett faint from his Cellular degradation. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

Around two months later, she was called to look over Keller, after she was exposed to a Wraith pathogen, before she was ordered to leave the area she was in. (SGA: "The Seed")

In the aftermath of Atlantis' Stargate detonating from the activation of the Attero device, Marie and a medical team searched for survivors, and found Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Radek Zelenka. She was last seen removing fragments of glass from Sheppard's back. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

When Dr. Radek Zelenka was stabbed by Neeva Casol, she assisted Dr. McBride in repairing the wound. (SGA: "Identity")

Behind the scenesEdit

Her name was revealed as Marie in Atlantis episode "Tabula Rasa".

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