Mat is a Goa'uld who was previously the wife of Supreme System Lord Ra. SG-1 was forced to attend the trial of Ra when Mat, Ra's former wife, became aware of their role in the deaths of Ra and Amaunet. Also Sha're was apparently able to fool Amaunet by hiding the full details of Ra's death from her, with the result that Mat thought that Ra had been killed only by Jack O'Neill, the Abydonians had no part in his destruction, and that Daniel Jackson was only a doctor. She arranged a fake Tok'ra to divulge funds in order to provide SG-1 with the coordinates of the world where the trial began. This would ensure that the team would be infected with nanites and, in the process, force them to participate in the test. ( SG1: " Stargate SG-1: The Barque of Heaven")