Vidrine on screen

General Maurice Vidrine oversaw the development and operations of Earth's fleet of spacecraft built using alien technology, including the X-301 Interceptor and BC-303.



Vidrine was present during flight tests of the X-301 Interceptor, at which time he met SG-1; he was unimpressed by Colonel Jack O'Neill's sense of humor. After the X-301 malfunctioned, sending O'Neill and Teal'c into deep space, Vidrine returned to The Pentagon to manage efforts from there. (SG1: "Tangent")


Vidrine had been promoted to four-star General, and his responsibilities included overseeing the mining of naquadah to construct BC-303s. After hostile Unas were encountered near a potentially major Naquadah deposit on P3X-403, Vidrine traveled to Stargate Command to manage the situation directly. He allowed Dr. Daniel Jackson to attempt to negotiate a settlement with the Unas, but authorized deadly force in the defense of the mining operation and was prepared to attempt to forcibly relocate the Unas if talks were to fail. (SG1: "Enemy Mine")


  • According to Air Force regulations, General Vidrine's mustache would not be allowed. To be within regulation, it would have to end at the corner of his mouth.