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Mind manipulator
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Mind manipulation

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The mind manipulator is an experimental device developed on M1B-129 by the Wraith for the purpose of improving the mind manipulation process. It was created as a means to cull more effectively, as the success of such huntings is largely dependant upon manipulating the minds of their prey. The device causes anyone without Wraith DNA within a specific range to experience powerful illusions, even causing to believe they are in a different time and place. The strength, and possibly range, of the device is dependent upon the setting the device is set at.

The technology projects an electromagnetic field which prevents normal radio communication. The unit fluctuates in systematic intervals on an ultra-low frequency. Actuator coils lie inside the membrane. A primary conduit, which leads directly into the core, deactivates the device when it is removed. This device was found by the Genii and apparently brought up to full power, causing them to kill each other and it affected Major Leonard and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's teams before Sheppard shut it down under instructions from Teyla Emmagan who was immune to the device. (SGA: "Phantoms")

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