"Did you see the girl I was dancing with? She wrote her e-mail address on my hand."
Eli Wallace[src]

Mindy is a female Tau'ri. In 2009, she went to a nightclub on her own, the same club Janelle Monáe was performing in. She seemed attracted to Eli Wallace, who was occupying the body of Williams; she does not know of Eli's true appearance. When she greeted herself to Eli, he offered to buy her a drink, though she already had one. He later offered a dance with her, which she accepted. Sometime after, she wrote her e-mail address on Eli's hand, with the intent for the two to make contact in the future. (SGU: "Earth")

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Her e-mail address is "".
  • At least one reply has been sent from the e-mail address listed above. The sender's name is "Mindy Universe" and the body of the message read "Hi [line break] I am Mindy."

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